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In this edition we are focusing on the latest news and insights on Workplace Health and Wellbeing. Never has the subject of the nation’s mental health and wellbeing been more debated than in the last few months, with Theresa May announcing in January that “Mental illness destroys lives”, and pledging new support for employers to provide mental health support.

Latest insights from BMG’s National Employee Panel…  

The BMG Research Employee Panel (made up of a representative sample of 1,000 UK employees) was surveyed in late 2016, and the findings reveal strong evidence supporting the view that wellbeing and employee engagement are closely interrelated.

Excessive pressure drives up levels of disengagement and anxiety

  • Employees who report feeling under excessive pressure in their job on a daily basis are found to be nearly four times more likely to be disengaged with their role than those who report feeling excessive pressure less than monthly (27% and 7%).
  • In addition to this, a third (34%) of employees who report feeling under excessive pressure on a daily basis also report high levels of anxiety.
  • Why is this important? Well, we also found that employees under daily excessive pressure are twice as likely to disagree they are motivated to do a good job (19%) and twice as likely to disagree that their employer motivates them to achieve their objectives (32%). Around a third (34%) also state they are already looking for a new job or plan to do so in the new year.

 Regular and effective one to one meetings are critical

  • Amongst employees who say they have a regular one to one with their manager, 72% are defined to be engaged, whilst just 23% are partially engaged and 5% disengaged. On the reverse of this, however, just 24% of staff are defined as engaged where they do not have a one to one, and disengagement is five times higher (24%).
  • We also see that as high as 79% of employees who have a regular one to one with their manager say they feel valued for the work they do, compared to just 28% who do not have a one to one. The importance of this is that 86% of staff who feel valued say they are motivated to go the extra mile beyond that outlined in their job description, which is critical in a time when businesses are looking for more from less and improved productivity.

In the news: the best of the rest…

Mental health in the workplace still goes unnoticed

Mental health at work is reaching crisis point according to the latest research. The Mental Health Foundation found that almost 49% of employees who suffered from mental health problems in the last five years have gone to work while experiencing suicidal thoughts. Just 10% of managers felt they had received sufficient training to deal with the issue of mental health, and 45% of employees who had experienced such a health problem did not tell their employer for fear of being discriminated against.

Chris O’Sullivan of the Mental Health Foundation said: “We need to build mental health into the professional development of managers, not just in recognising distress and responding with compassion, but also in providing ongoing support and in recognising opportunities to promote mental health across the workforce.”

62% of employees have experienced mental ill-health caused by work

A large-scale survey conducted by Business in the Community (BITC) amongst 20,000 people in work found that two-thirds (62%) had experienced mental ill-health caused by work at some point, whilst 24% had experienced such just in the past month. However, on the reverse, whilst 78% of line managers agree that employee wellbeing is their responsibility, just 22% say they have received mental health training at work.

Louise Aston, wellbeing director at BITC said: “Progress will only happen when employers approach mental ill-health as they would physical ill-health – doing what they can to prevent ill-health occurring or escalating, and ensuring proper support for employees when it happens.”

What’s new at BMG Research?

We are supporting Aston University with their second consecutive staff survey

We are very pleased to be undertaking Aston University’s staff survey for the second time running. Since the last survey was conducted in 2015, Aston University has appointed a new Vice Chancellor who is keen to understand where the organisation is at and we look forward to assisting the university in highlighting particular strengths and any areas for improvement. Read more….

BMG partners with Fabric Learning

We are very excited to welcome on board our new learning and development delivery partner, Fabric Learning, who work in partnership with innovative and future thinking businesses who are committed to ensuring everyone feels valued, developed and part of the Fabric of their organisation. Fabric Learning have worked with organisations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, Stagecoach, Virgincare and the Ellen McArthur Foundation delivering extensively researched and proven programmes all over the world.

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“This partnership means that BMG Research, alongside Fabric Learning, can offer a full service to our clients from collecting feedback from employees, identifying the priorities for change and improvement, and then supporting businesses to implementing the solutions.” (Jenna Allen, Research Director, BMG Research)

BMG Research has been supporting businesses across the public and private sector for more than 15 years to improve employee engagement to drive organisational success.

We partner with our clients for the long term and deliver measurable improvements to their business. We have a proven ability of increasing employee engagement by more than 10% points through effective research and surveys, data analytics and benchmarking solutions, consultation and action planning, and learning and development coaching.

We have worked with more than 50 organisations in the last 4 years alone to help them engage and listen to their staff, to understand how their organisation works, and to implement effective change and improvement.

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