Using technology to enable excellence

We work hard to remain at the forefront of new technology which drives our efficiency in delivering analysis and insight. From our own in-house call centre to our data reporting platform, we have invested in quality to ensure excellence.

Confirmit Reportal and Dashboard

Reportal is our online data reporting platform. It provides complete flexibility over the layout, format and presentation of survey data. It allows the creation of a fully customised report, which can easily be interrogated by users who might have different requirements from a data set. Confirmit Reportal provides:

  • 24/7 web-enabled access to data for our clients
  • superior levels of customisation
  • interactive reporting capabilities
  • exports to Excel/PowerPoint/PDF
  • the highest levels of industry and regulatory security standards
  • high scalability

Partnering with clients

We partner with our clients for the long term and deliver real value as a result:  this is the most effective way of ensuring that our research really does make a difference.  Two key areas of our process help ensure this partnership:

  1. Getting started

    The set up phase of any project is key to ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ research needs. It provides us with the opportunity to ask searching questions and ensure that we properly understand our clients’ business or organisational context and the issues that have given rise to the research requirement.

  2. Staying in touch

    They say that the path untrodden is quickly overgrown. We ensure that client partnerships are sustained and developed over the course of a project through a range of activities such as monthly face to face meetings and weekly KIT telephone conversations, which we document and communicate actions from. This helps to ensure that the research programme stays on track and the understanding and expectations of all stakeholders are managed throughout the process.

  3. Social Media and research

    We frequently incorporate the use of social media in our research to support and enhance other consultation and research methods where appropriate. We advise and guide our clients on the use of a range of social media platforms to drive respondents towards survey access points, maximising engagement and survey efficiency.

Case Study - West Midlands Police

An excellent example of a successful client partnership is the ‘Feeling the Difference’ Survey conducted on behalf of West Midlands Police (WMP). The survey has been delivered by WMP to measure resident confidence for over 10 years, but has undergone a change in emphasis since BMG was brought on board.

The survey has switched from being run quarterly to  being delivered every six months.  This change was made to enable the insight from each wave of the survey to be disseminated and used in strategic and operational planning across the organisation.  We have also used a range of multi-variate analysis techniques to deliver greater insight from the research findings.

Client feedback:

“I have been very impressed with BMG thus far, the organisational and personal interaction we have had; the support you have offered and your kindness in offering to help us improve confidence levels through a better understanding of the survey data. I had a meeting with the Deputy Chief Constable this week and he informed me how impressed he was with the presentation you gave recently at the Force Leadership Conference. He felt for the first time there was a greater appreciation of the data and the information available was rich in terms of understanding confidence …” – Chief Inspector Ryan Howat