Our passion for excellence has directed our investment over the years in making sure we have only the highest quality technology available to gather data.

We have our very own in-house purpose-designed 130-station CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) unit running on the latest version of the Confirmit suite. This system is highly flexible in both the collection and output of data, ensuring compatibility with and export to other types of collection and analysis software, including SPSS/Quantum and Merlin.

Quality control is in-house

The Confirmit software we use allows for close monitoring of survey progress, with up-to-the-minute counts against survey targets. It also allows us to identify any sampling biases (undue over-sampling of some groups or under-sampling of others) and to quickly correct these.

Through our online portal, data is available at any time during the fieldwork period. That means that survey results can be easily monitored, providing early indications of emerging trends and findings.

Remote listening facilities

Clients can listen remotely to surveys by dialling in at pre-arranged times during live fieldwork. Our clients find this invaluable(particularly during pilot stages) in understanding any design issues and ensuring that the questionnaire is engaging and fit for purpose prior to the main fieldwork window.

– Food Standards Agency client commented on remote listening

“Really interesting… makes you realise what a difficult job this is!”

Working in partnership to achieve results

We partner with our clients to manage both the length and content of interviews so as to minimise the burden on respondents and deliver optimum levels of engagement. You are welcome to be part of our field briefing and visit our call centre at any stage in the process so you can see how we work and the lengths we go to ensure quality.

Maximising response rates

Achieving a high response rate requires a combination of hands-on contact management and high calibre interviewing. For us this is part of the day job and we often achieve valid response rates in excess of 40% for business surveys.

Here are just a few of the ways we achieve these results:

  • Interviews are undertaken by appointment wherever necessary,
  • Our CATI terminals can email respondents FAQs and other clarification to overcome objections concerning confidentiality etc.
  • Our CATI software manages survey quotas and targets in real time, ensuring that the sample we designed is the sample we deliver.
  • We rarely impose an upper limit on the number of calls to contacts, and will politely persevere to maximise engagement.
  • Because of our global fieldwork operation our call centre is often open for extended hours, giving respondents choice and flexibility over the time they complete the interview.