Subsequent to the presentation of interim findings from the Polling Inquiry in January, BMG has decided to continue to publish its Westminster Voting Intention (VI) figures, and intends to do so on a monthly basis.

Though there are no methodological changes since November, BMG will continue with its own internal research and is expected to update its Westminster VI methodology later in the year. The details of any methodology update will be published on the BMG website.

Results for February compared to November show Conservatives, UKIP and Greens up one percentage point and the Liberal Democrats down one.

Latest Westminster VI poll from BMG Research:

38%(+1) – Conservatives

30%(nc) – Labour

5%(-2) – Liberal Democrats

16%(+1) – UKIP

5%(+1) – Green

7%(+1) – All other

Shares may not add to 100% due to rounding. Figures in brackets are changes on previous published results from November 2015.

Full tables for these results can be found here.

For a more detailed breakdown of the results from this poll, and any other results from our polling series, please visit our website or get in touch by email or phone.



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