BMG recognises that workplace wellbeing and employee engagement are intrinsically linked, and we have explored this subject widely in the last couple of months through our nationally representative employee panel.

Our analysis found that staff who feel under excessive pressure on a daily basis are four times more likely to be disengaged at work, twice as likely to not be motivated to do a good job, and a third express feelings of high levels of anxiety.

We have therefore developed a Workplace Wellbeing Index that can be used by organisations we work with to help them understand wellbeing in their organisation, and also what impact lower levels of wellbeing is having on such key outcomes as engagement, motivation, advocacy, absenteeism, productivity etc. This model is based on Robertson Cooper’s Six Essentials for Workplace Wellbeing.

For more information on this model and how it might be applied to future research among your own staff please contact  or . Alternatively, follow our company LinkedIn page for updates.

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