A recent BMG poll which asked Scottish adults what their favourite Scottish film is shows that the Edinburgh based Trainspotting takes the top spot.

The results revealed by a slim majority (23%) Trainspotting is considered the Scottish cinema favourite. In relatively close second is the Mel Gibson Hollywood interpretation of William Wallace with Braveheart (18%), followed by Local Hero (8%) and Whisky Galore (7%). However, one in six said they don’t know/don’t watch films (15%).

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A closer look at the data reveals perhaps as a result of the recent cinema release of its sequel, Trainspotting is a strong favourite with the younger audiences with 40% of those aged 18 to 24 voting it as the best. Whilst in contrast the 1949 film Whisky Galore received no votes from this demographic, but it still clearly has staying power with the older audiences, with 15% of those aged 55 to 64 voting Whisky Galore as the best Scottish film made ever.

Interestingly, despite Braveheart subject material being synonymous with Scottish Independence, those who preferred Trainspotting are more likely to vote Yes for independence than Braveheart fans if a Scottish independence referendum was held tomorrow (Braveheart 21% would vote Yes, Trainspotting – 28% would vote yes).  Those who voted Braveheart as the best interestingly enough were also the least active in the last Scottish independence referendum, with just over a third (35%) deciding not to vote in 2014.

Trainspotting was also a very popular choice with those who consider themselves as very left wing on the political spectrum (43%) and likewise with those who consider themselves fairly left wing (36%).  Perhaps this is a result of the films subject matter revolving heavily around drugs being more palatable by the more liberal than conservative viewers.

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 Ciaran Mcglone – Junior Research Executive

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