The latest BMG poll for the Evening Standard reveals that a majority of the public believe a third runway at Heathrow airport is a “price worth paying” as part of efforts to ensure Britain can trade globally, particularly after Brexit.

According to the Airports Commission a third runway at Heathrow would have a noise and air pollution impact on more local people, but would deliver a bigger economic boost for Britain. With the Government set to decide within weeks whether to back another runway at Heathrow or Gatwick we asked the British public whether a third runway would be a “price worth paying”.

The results revealed that 56% of the public feel a third runway is a price worth paying as part of wider efforts to ensure Britain can trade globally, particularly after Brexit. However, some 44% believe that a third runway would be too high a price to pay given the noise and pollution impact on people near the airport, regardless of any supposed economic benefit.

A closer look at the data reveals that men are much more in favour of a third runway compared with women (men 63% vs women 50%). Among supporters of the main political parties, Conservative supporters are most in favour of a third runway (68%), followed by Lib Dems (59%), Ukippers (55%) and Labour (54%). Those who voted to leave the EU are slightly more in favour of a third runway (59%) than those who voted Remain (55%).


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Lauren Harris – Senior Research Executive

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