An exclusive BMG poll commissioned by the Evening Standard reveals that trust in Her Majesty has risen as we approach her 90th birthday celebrations.

The BMG Research trust index is a monthly tracker metric that asks a nationally representative sample of UK adults if they can indicate whether they tend to trust or distrust certain professions, individuals and institutions. Trust in the Queen has increased from a score of 68.9 in November 2015 to 74.1 in March 2016. Interestingly, the rise in trust on the index was more than twice as large for Her Majesty than the rise for the Royal Family as a whole.

The poll also highlighted the ‘popularity’ of the young royals with almost twice as many people believing Prince William, rather than Prince Charles, should succeed the Queen (49% compared with 29%).

It seems that older people are most in favour of Charles, with more than two thirds of those aged 65+ (36%) believing Charles should succeed the Queen compared with just one in 6 of those aged 18 to 24 (16%).

Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are all as popular as the Queen, with similar proportions of the British public holding a favourable view of the young royals. Whilst 66% of UK adults have a favourable view of the Queen, Prince Harry comes out on top with 70%, followed by Prince William (68%) and Kate Middleton (66%).

Unfortunately, much smaller proportions say that they hold a favourable view of the Duke of Edinburgh (46%), Prince Charles (43%), Princess Anne (42%) and Prince Andrew (23%).

Age is very much a factor in terms of peoples favourability of the royals, with more than four out of five (81%) of those aged 65+ favouring the Queen compared to just over half of those aged 18 to 24 (53%).

Although the young royals come out on top in terms of their overall favourability, they still have a long way to go in terms of recognition of their public service, when compared to Her Majesty. Over half of the British public believe the Queen sets the best example of public service (54%), followed by Prince William (15%) and Prince Harry (14%). Much smaller proportions feel that Kate Middleton sets the best example (7%), followed by Prince Charles (4%), Princess Anne (4%), Prince Andrew (1%) and finally the Duke of Edinburgh (1%).

BMG Research Director, Dr Michael Turner said “interestingly, the results of our latest poll show William, Kate and Harry all scoring very highly with young people.  Almost two thirds of 18 to 34-year-olds hold a favourable or very favourable view of at least one of these young monarchs, suggesting that there is a ‘golden generation’ of popular and engaging royals who have caught the imagination and affections of young people as well as older.”

An article based on these polling results, released by the Evening Standard, can be found here.

Data tables containing a breakdown of the results can be found here.

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