The latest BMG poll for the Herald reveals support for the Union has ‘strengthened’ among older voters since the last independence referendum in 2014.

Of the over 65s who were polled, two thirds (66%) said that they would rather stay as part of the Union, whilst 27% said they are in favour of independence. (6% were not sure, and 1% preferred not to say). With ‘unsures’ and ‘don’t knows’ removed, 71% of over 65s are in favour of the Union while 29% are in favour of independence.

A recent article written by Kate Devlin, the UK political correspondent for The Herald, reported on BMG polling figures showing that support for the Union is actually strengthening among those aged 65 and over. Of those over 65s who voted ‘No’ in 2014, 92% said they will vote in the same way come another independence referendum, whereas just 85% of those who voted ‘Yes’ in 2014 would vote the same way.

Dr Michael Turner – Research Director and Head of Polling at BMG, said “Interestingly it is Yes-Leavers (those who voted for independence in 2014 and to Leave the EU in 2016) who are most likely to have changed their mind, with just 79 per cent saying they’ll vote the same way this time around. This is compared with almost nine in ten, 89 per cent, of Yes-Remainers (those who voted for independence in 2014, but to stay in the EU in 2016).”

An article, based on these polling results, released by the Herald, can be found here

A full breakdown of these results, including fieldwork dates and methodology, can be found here.

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