This month, many social housing landlords across England will have to reduce their rent by 1% (unless an exemption is granted). This 1% rent reduction will continue over the next four years, in a move the government says will help reduce the country’s housing benefit bill.

As this comes into effect, BMG Research asked social housing tenants in England to what extent they are concerned this reduction in rent may lead to a reduction in the services provided by their social landlord.

The results show that over half of social housing tenants are concerned a 1% rent reduction will lead to a reduction in the services provided by their social landlord (56%), while 44% are not at all concerned. Further interrogation of the data appears to indicate that those social housing tenants aged between 18 and 24 are least concerned the 1% rent reduction may lead to a reduction in the services provided, with 67% stating they are not at all concerned, indeed, this proportion is significantly higher than those aged between 45 and 54 (31%).

Readers can interrogate the data for themselves using the menu in the chart below.

Jack Harper, Research Manager (Housing & Local Government) at BMG Research said “The surprise announcement in the 2015 summer budget of the 1% rent reduction impacted on many social housing providers’ business plans / models.  The budgetary constraints over the coming years will mean for some providers reduced service provision may be inevitable. The concern indicated by tenants in these findings outline the importance of communication with tenants over the coming years, with a clear need for transparency regarding what service provision changes may occur.”

A full breakdown of these polling results can be found here.

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