It was great to attend the Employee Engagement Summit last week in London. There were significant sprinklings of inspiration based on the impact of technology on engagement, how to measure it and how to enable, foster and encourage it in an organisation.

What struck me was the last session of the day, which incorporated Rich Marsh’s presentation “Critical Success Factors in Employee Engagement: Lessons from the Coalface”. Rich is a Consultant and Trainer with Dale Carnegie.

My take on Rich’s presentation was that doing the simple things often, consistently and well can go a long way in fostering an engaged and happy workplace.You don’t need big bucks, fancy models and high-tech widgets to make a tangible difference, and these simple behaviours and characteristics can be applied to any size of business, large or small. Yet somehow it never seems that simple.

If we managers and leaders were all more self-aware of how our actions and behaviours can shape those around us, both positively and negatively, as well as showing empathy and understanding to others “to try and see the lens of the other person”, then perhaps in our own small and personal way we can raise levels of engagement accordingly. Rich pointed to six critical success factors and pitfalls to watch out for, and this is what I took from his thoughts.

Simon Maydew is a Research Director at BMG Research.


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