On Monday 10th February BMG Research was one of around 30 attendees at LARIA’s London networking event. As well as providing the opportunity for local government research practitioners to meet and chat over a glass of wine, this event provided a preview of the content of the forthcoming Laria conference scheduled  for 13/14th May in Warwick.   BMG Research will be among the speakers at this event which will focus on two key themes facing the sector: how best to deliver professional research that can make a tangible contribution to policy and decision making, and delivering research that improves lives and local areas.

The re-launched Laria website was also presented. This has been re-designed to be more-blog like resource  that will clearly signpost users to research experience and best practice among members both thematically and by region. This promises to be a valuable resource to allow us to learn from each other at a time when the need to deliver research that is insightful and action-orientated while being efficient and cost effective has never been greater.

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