BMG’s experience within the Housing sector includes over 50 STAR Surveys. HouseMark’s STAR benchmarking service – Summary of findings 2011/12 from January 2013, indicates that BMG is the number one provider of STAR surveys. Prior to the launch of the STAR survey the agency was also a leading providing of STATUS surveys to housing associations, local authorities with retained stock and ALMOs.

The Housing Team is currently working with many landlords advising on the selection of questions from HouseMark’s template and developing questionnaires, as well as delivering reports, presentations and workshops that add insight and value to the measurement of customer satisfaction. In our experience, one of the aspects of the STAR survey most valued by landlords is the facility provided by HouseMark to compare satisfaction results with each other.

The Housing Team at BMG Research prides itself on its professional yet personable approach and our ethos is to listen to our client, to understand the wider context in which the research will take place and offer tailor made solutions to help organisations to provide a better service to their customers.

With a number of key challenges facing the housing sector, quality insight into customers’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviours has never been more important. BMG Research offers an evidence based approach that can withstand scrutiny and equip organisations with the necessary intelligence and insights to enhance understanding of customers.

BMG Research has developed a wealth of questions which can be incorporated into STAR and other surveys, across a range of topics including; repairs, image of the organisation, fuel costs, customer standards, anti-social behaviour, in-house magazines, improvements and priorities for the future, amongst others.

The BMG Research Insight Toolkit includes:

  • Key driver analysis
  • Correlations
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Net promoter scores
  • Customer engagement clusters.

To be effective, research has to be acted upon and to help embed findings and outcomes within the organisation, BMG offers workshops with a range of participants from senior management to front line staff and residents. The workshops are designed to examine the key issues arising from the research and assist in developing an action plan that will shape the policies and practices of your organisation for years to come.