BMG Research have extensive experience of conducting research across multicultural areas and ensuring that the data is representative both spatially but also by particular strands of diversity and equality such as: race, faith, sexuality, gender, disability and age.

BMG has substantial experience in this area given the array of language skills at our disposal among our Birmingham based interviewing team. We ensure that projects are completed in a culturally sensitive and ethical manner, in community languages where this is required.

Research into levels of community cohesion, and barriers to further integration have been completed in a number of diverse locations across the UK. Some projects have required views of a representative cross section of residents to be captured, while others have focused on particular communities defined by ethnicity or religion.

How we work

Issues of race, faith and cohesion are among the most sensitive that BMG Research explore. With this in mind, our recommended research approach will always be based upon what will allow participants to express themselves with confidence, security and in accordance to their personal circumstances and beliefs. We use both quantitative surveys and qualitative depth interviews or focus groups to explore these complex issues.

Research into issues of race, faith and cohesion is a particular strength of BMG Research because of the ethnic and cultural diversity of our field team. Our Birmingham based telephone and face to face interviewers mean that we have an extensive range of linguistic capabilities that allow interviews to be completed in community languages including Arabic, Hindi, Gujerati, Somali, Swahili, Farsi/Pushto, Urdu, Mirpuri, Punjabi, and Bengali/Sylheti.

Furthermore, matching the national or ethnic background of our of interviewers to the community being studied ensures that our team have the specific knowledge both to find and to engage with the relevant communities and to ensure trust and interest in the research process.