Public Health Research: Informing Interventions, Shaping Services

  • Why do people visit A&E for non-emergency care when there are alternative options? (case study 1)

  • What is the best way to communicate the benefits of a colonoscopy? (case study 2)

  • What are the sensitivities around organ donation in specific ethnic groups? (case study 3)

  • How can the long term impacts of urban regeneration on health be measured? (case study 4)

Research questions around public health issues can be tough. Sensitive subjects, ethical considerations, hard to reach populations, complex sampling approaches and multiple stakeholder interests are just some of the challenges that can be encountered. But the questions above are just a few examples of those that the public health team at BMG Research have successfully answered on behalf of our clients through the collection of primary data.

We work with a range of organisations from CCGs to Universities to Local Authorities to help provide insight that can answer difficult questions: insight that we know is being used to shape services and inform interventions.

Responding to national health priorities and local contexts our research has been used to explore:

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To extract the insight our clients need to make a difference requires more than just a steady hand. We combine technical knowledge and skills with outstanding customer service. Our comprehensive resources and capabilities include:

  • Our own team of highly trained face to face interviewers
  • An 100 seat call centre operating 7 days a week for telephone research in several languages
  • Online and mobile based survey capabilities
  • An online platform for focus groups and depth interviews which is ideal for exploring particularly sensitive issues
  • Proven strategies for engaging with hard to reach populations
  • Random probability sampling techniques that can be applied from a district level up to a national scale
  • In-house statisticians for the application of multivariate analysis
  • Data analytics and infographics
  • Online data reporting to improve the access to data among multiple stakeholders

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“Many thanks for the excellent work which you and the team at BMG have done, planning and managing the GoWell East 2016 Community Survey. Alongside achieving excellent results in a challenging area, where the population suffers badly from survey fatigue, efficient data management and rapid response to any queries make BMG a pleasure to work with.” Julie Clark, Glasgow University

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