We provide an interface between government and the public, consulting and engaging with the public to ensure that government policy, strategy and delivery is founded on an understanding of the public's expectation, needs and wants.

Our research findings directly inform government policy and strategy. Throughout the last 20 years BMG has worked extensively with successive government and ministerial departments, working at some time with almost every department in Whitehall.

We provide insights and a robust evidence base to help inform strategic planning, objective setting and the development of baselines and subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

We are social research experts, it is what we do – all day, every day. We have extensive capability and expertise in all aspects of research design, the full range of research methods, and in all data collection techniques.

This enables us to provide much more than results – we provide insight. Delivering insight drives our work because we passionately believe that what we do provides a valuable contribution and service to the public – the people of the communities that are served by our clients. We have a strong track record in engaging with harder to reach and harder to help communities, working with audiences such as new migrant communities, troubled families, and NEET young people. The insight we deliver ensures that public service reforms are grounded in an understanding of the public’s experiences and expectations of public services.

We are empathetic to each other, to our clients and to the respondents we work with. This ethic creates the kind of courtesy and integrity essential in our brand of customer care. Our values based around: quality, excellence, service/contribution, empathy, courtesy and integrity underpin our total approach.

Through our work with clients our team of highly skilled specialists and personable experts, we are helping to:

  • Understand customers’ experiences and what matters most;
  • Redesign services and communication strategies including customer engagement ;
  • Understand behavioural patterns and provide insights in terms of such behaviour could be influenced;
  • Measure what is important and return on investment/impact;
  • Ensure the results are actionable.

Who we work for

Our clients include:

The House of Lords, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Met Office, Student Loans Company, Homes & Community Agency, Department for Education, Foresty Commission, NHS, Department for Communities and Local Government, Department of Environment and Climate Change, HSE