Financial research can be complicated and challenging. The market is in a state of constant change with economic fluctuations, new regulations and respondents can struggle to understand the questions asked of them.

BMG Research staff have substantial experience of conducting financial research in business and consumer markets, in areas such as business banking, financial regulation, insurance, pensions, new product development and customer satisfaction.

Examples of the areas we have worked in include:

  • The journey towards receiving external finance for SMEs
  • Customer satisfaction and new product development in the credit insurance market
  • Uptake of company pensions for the Pensions Regulator
  • The insurance needs of public sector organisations
  • Demand for different types of mortgages among those looking to buy or
  • remortgage
  • Not for profit banking
  • Credit card innovation
  • Banking needs for specialist professionals
  • Investment products for high-net individuals

Whether for a private or public sector client, BMG Research has the understanding to get to the bottom of complex financial issues.

BMG Research has a team of researchers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of research in the financial sector. We partner with our clients for the long term and deliver real value as a result: this the most effective way of ensuring that our research really does make a difference and impact on your organisation and its success. Some of our clients in this sector include: Alliance & Leicester, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Goldman Sachs Foundation, Handelsbanken, HM Treasury, Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland, The Pensions Regulator.