We have provided research support to the Home Office, police forces, police authorities, victim support groups, crime reduction programmes and regeneration programmes for over 20 years.

Throughout our history in this sector, we have delivered effective research and consultation to inform policy responses. To date, we have worked with more than half of all police forces nationally, and we are currently undertaking resident tracking surveys for the Metropolitan Police Service and West Midlands Police. Our survey experience in this sector includes exploring levels of public trust and confidence in the police on behalf of forces including for example Surrey, Kent and Merseyside.

Working with victims of crime

We have worked extensively with forces to engage with victims of crime in order to complete the Victim Satisfaction Surveys required by the Home Office. Our clients have included Thames Valley Police, Cleveland Police, Durham Police, Hampshire Police, Surrey Police, Bedfordshire and Luton Police, Hertfordshire Police and others.

Our recent experience includes:

  • More than 40,000 interviews with members of the public each year to explore issues ranging from neighbourhood policing to gathering feedback from victims of crime.
  • Longitudinal evaluation studies to understand the impacts of various neighbourhood policing programmes.
  • Surveys addressing issues around hate crime, community cohesion and public trust and confidence in the police.

The issues we are currently addressing through our work in this sector include:

  • Public perceptions of ‘Stop and Search’
  • Immigration and border control
  • Community cohesion
  • Building public confidence in the PREVENT agenda
  • Children’s safeguarding

Our approach to Crime and Justice research

When we first engage with a new client or on a new project, our first priority is to dig deep to find out exactly what your information needs are so that we can design a programme of research that fully and effectively addresses these.

This typically involves a review of key strategic documents and discussions with internal stakeholders to make sure we fully understand the relevant priorities and drivers across the organisation.

Gathering data

We ensure that the data we gather on your behalf provides insight and intelligence through the use of various analytical techniques and infographics. We produce interactive dashboards of KPIs so that different parts of the organisation can drill down in to the data and understand what it means for them.

We will debrief at different levels in the organisation, from operational to strategic, and ensure that the content and focus of the debrief is tailored to these specific needs. This ensures that the research intelligence provides a golden thread through the organisation, informing the delivery of frontline services whilst supporting the development of effective strategy and policy.

In short, whilst we might work for many organisations that are similar in nature, we treat each one as if they are unique: because in terms of local context and priorities they are unique, and the research insight must reflect this.