BMG Research have recently been commissioned by Castlehill Housing Association to provide an updated measure of satisfaction among its tenants. Castlehill Housing Association operate across three Local Authority areas: Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray, managing over 1900 homes. All tenants will be consulted either by post or online, in compliance with the Scottish Social Housing Charter guidance, not only to inform their latest ARC submission, but also to identify key issues and areas for improvement in the eyes of tenants.

BMG Research will draw upon its long track record of tenant engagement in Scotland to deliver this research. Crucially, we will place the research findings in the context provided by the benchmarking data provided by the Scottish Housing Regulator which we have detailed knowledge of. While the headline benchmarks are a starting point for this analysis, we know that breaking the responses down by stock size and rurality allows for a more nuanced understanding of tenant perceptions. We will also look closely at the balance between very and fairly satisfied tenants within the Castlehill responses relative to the benchmarks so that clear messages about tenant perceptions are provided back to Castlehill.

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