The latest BMG poll for the Herald reveals a dilemma for Nicola Sturgeon as almost two thirds of Scots reveal they want to continue using the pound.

The results revealed 64% of Scots want to continue using the Pound even if the country ultimately votes for independence in the future. Almost one quarter (24%) would rather Scotland created and used a new Scottish currency, while just over one in ten (12%) would rather Scotland used the Euro.

The findings reveal some clear majorities among groups in favour of continued use of the Pound. Women (74%) are more likely to favour the Pound than men (53%). Scots aged 65 and over (74%) are much more likely to favour the Pound when compared with younger Scots although it should be noted that the Pound is the favoured currency choice of more than half of those asked in every age group.

Over nine in ten Scottish Conservative supporters (91%) and three quarters (77%) of Scottish Labour supporters favour a continued use of the Pound whilst 37% of SNP supporters do. A majority (85%) of those who voted No for independence in 2014 are also in favour of the Pound compared with 38% who voted Yes.

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