A recent poll conducted by BMG Research asked Scottish people about their thoughts on Scotland’s chances of a first Six Nations title this year or at least in the future. Despite the recent successes of Scottish Rugby, it appears that, at least for now, many Scots feel that their age-old rival, England, will triumph in this year’s competition.

Ahead of the oldest fixture in international rugby, BMG asked Scottish residents who they felt would win the competition. The results showed that whilst many Scots felt their team has a chance, in second place with 15%, England were the most likely winners on 22% of all Scots. France came in 3rd at 7%, closely followed by Ireland on 6% and Wales on 4%. Finally, Italy brought up the rear on just 1%.

Obviously not all Scots watch rugby, so it’s unsurprising to see that most Scots, some 45%, said they did not know.

Considering that Scotland’s last title was won almost 20 years ago, back in 1999 when the competition was limited to just five nations, it’s clear that Scots are feeling cheery with their team’s recent form (Scotland recently reached their highest ever ranking in the world tables).

Those most optimistic that Scotland will win the Six Nations title were those aged between 24-35 (24%). However, it seems that the older generations are slightly more pessimistic, with those aged 55 and above much more likely to foresee an English win, rather than a Scottish upset. Just one in ten (11%) of those aged 55+ believe Scotland has what it takes to win this year’s title.

Politically we can see that there are some key differences too. Those who support the SNP are the most optimistic of Scotland’s chances in this year’s competition (20% say Scotland will win), whilst Scottish conservative supporters are the least optimistic (just 9% say Scotland will win). Over four in ten (43%) of Scottish Conservative supporters favour England’s chances, compared to just two in ten (20%) SNP supporters.

In addition to asking participants who they believe would win this year’s competition, the poll also asked Scots “do you think Scotland will win a Six Nations title in your lifetime?”. On balance, more Scots (37% agreed they will) believe that Scotland will win a Six Nations title in their lifetime than don’t (20% disagreed), but most weren’t willing to take a punt either side, with some 44% saying that they did not know.

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