The latest BMG poll for the Evening Standard reveals that Leavers trust Boris Johnson most to get the best deal for Britain following the vote leave the EU in June. However, Remainers are shown to trust him least, and more generally they feel that none of the three Leave supporting ministers are best placed to secure Britain’s best interests post-Brexit.

Shortly after the EU referendum, Theresa May appointed three ‘Brexiteers’ – Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox – to cabinet jobs that are widely seen to be key to Britain’s future relationship with Europe. These were Foreign Secretary, Brexit Secretary and International Trade Secretary.

The Evening Standard/BMG poll asked respondents who they trusted most to get the best deal for Britain, and the results revealed that nearly half (48%) said they trusted none of them. When we exclude this group, overall Boris Johnson was trusted the most (42% – 22% incl. ‘none’) to get the best deal, followed by David Davis on less than one third (29% – 16%% incl. ‘none’) and then Liam Fox by just over one quarter (27% – 14%% incl. ‘none’).

Among Leave voters, the Foreign Secretary was backed by a clear majority (54% – 38% incl. ‘none’), followed by Brexit Secretary David Davis (29% – 20% incl. ‘none’) and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (17% – 12% incl. ‘none’).

However, for Johnson the opposite was true among Remain voters who trusted the former Mayor of London least (27% – 12% incl. ‘none’). Johnson came in slightly behind Liam Fox (33% – 15% incl. ‘none’) and substantially behind David Davis who topped the poll on two fifths after excluding “none” (18% incl. ‘none’).

Among Conservative supporters, the trend mirrors the results for Leavers, with two fifths (42% – 32% incl. ‘none’) trusting Boris Johnson the most, followed by one third selecting David Davis (33% – 24% incl. ‘none’) and just one quarter in favour of Liam Fox (25% – 19% incl. ‘none’). Just one fifth (25%) of Conservative supporters said that they trust none of them (21%).

The former London Mayor is also trusted the most by Londoners (48% – 25% incl. ‘none’) to get the best deal, Mr Davis (27% – 14% incl. ‘none’), and Mr Fox (23% – 12% incl. ‘none’) – though it should be noted that almost half (48%) of Londoners said they would trust none.

When asked who is doing the best job, after two months in office, Mr Johnson also came out on top again, (44% – 20% incl. ‘none’), followed by David Davis (29% – 13% incl. ‘none’) and Liam Fox (27% – 12% incl. ‘none’). However, yet again, over half of the public (55%) said they haven’t heard anything about them, which at face value appears to be a very poor show.

However, the polling does suggest that there are consistently low proportions of Remain voters who think any of the Brexiteers are doing a good job, with the majority (58%) of Remainers saying they haven’t heard anything about any of the Brexiteers.


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Is there a bitter undertone to Remainer’s responses?

It’s clear that there is a divide between Leavers and Remainers on their views of the Brexiteers. More than half (55%) of Remain voters said they trust none of them to get the best deal for Britain compared with just three in ten (30%) Leavers.

Dr Michael Turner, Research Director and Head of Polling at BMG Research, said “Though Conservatives and Ukippers are much clearer on which of the Brexiteers they feel is doing best, with both voting for Boris Johnson, for Labour and Lib Dem supporters an three fifths (60%) say that they haven’t even heard anything about what they have been doing.

Reading between the lines of these results, the polling suggests an element of animosity persists on the part of Remainers towards all three of the Brexiteers, but particularly Mr Johnson. Our polling suggests that a majority of most groups who voted to remain in the EU stated that they haven’t heard anything from either of the cabinet ministers who campaigned for the UK to leave. When respondents had heard something from them, Boris was consistently least likely to be selected as doing a good job by Remainers. For instance, among those who voted to Remain, almost three fifths (58%) said that they haven’t heard anything about any of them, and of those who had, Boris came out bottom of the list, on just 29%,and Liam Fox top on 38%.

This is starkly contrasted with the results for those who voted to leave, many of whom credit Boris for his contribution to Brexit. The polling shows that a majority of Leave voters (56%) said that they had in fact heard something from at least one of the three ministers listed, and of those who had heard something; a clear majority (57%) say Boris is doing best.”


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