The British public is divided on whether the use of Cannabis should be legalised.

Around, four in ten Britons (42%) say that Cannabis should not be legalised, and a similar proportion (40%) say it should (18% said that they did not know).

As you might expect, there is a clear age divide, with a majority of 18-34s in favour of legalisation (52%), and a majority of those aged 55 and over against it (53% of 55-74 year-olds, and 63% of those over 75).

A majority of those who voted to leave the EU in June 2016 are against legalisation (50%), whereas most of those who voted to remain (45%) support it.

Looking across the country, the legalisation of Marijuana is most popular in the East Midlands, with half (50%) supporting it. Meanwhile, those in Wales are most against the idea, with only three in every ten people (30%) favouring legalisation and nearly half (47%) believing it should remain illegal*.

*Please note – Low sample size in these areas.

Fieldwork dates, methodology and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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