An exclusive BMG poll commissioned by the Evening Standard reveals that over half of the British public think Jeremy Hunt was wrong to impose the new junior doctor contracts.

BMG asked over 1,500 UK adults if they thought Jeremy Hunt was right, or wrong, to impose the new contracts. The results revealed that over half think he was wrong to do so (52%), while around three in ten said Hunt was right to impose the contracts (28%), 21% said they didn’t know.

There is a clear political divide amongst public opinion with seven out of every ten (70%) Labour supporters saying that Hunt was wrong to impose the contracts, compared to around half (54%) of Liberal Democrat and UKIP supporters, and just three in ten (32%) Conservative supporters.

Readers can interrogate the data themselves by toggling with the menu in the chart below.

Last month, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that he would impose a new contract on junior doctors. The contract will include a 13.5% rise in basic pay, a reduction in the maximum working hours per week and a 30% pay premium for doctors working more than one in four Saturdays. However, “plain time”, time without any out-of-hours bonus, will now be extended to apply to 7am to 5pm on Saturday.

However, public opinion is split when asked whether Jeremy Hunt should resign over his handling of the Junior Doctor contract’s dispute. Around four in ten UK adults believe Hunt should resign (39%) while some 36% think he should not resign (25% don’t know).

Again, there is a clear political divide on the question, with 60% of Labour supporters calling for Hunt to resign, compared with 42% UKIP supporters, 38% of Liberal Democrats, and just 17% of Conservative supporters.

Again readers can interrogate the data themselves by toggling with the menu in the chart below.

Finally, when asked whether doctors should have accepted the pay deal, around four in ten (39%) think junior doctors should have accepted the deal, compared with 44% who believe junior doctors should not have accepted it (17% don’t know).

An article based on these polling results, released by the Evening Standard, can be found here.

Data tables containing a breakdown of the results can be found here.

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