After a series of successful and widely publicised polling results, BMG Research has now been admitted as a member of the British Polling Council (BPC).

Dr Michael Turner – Research Director and company representative to the council has said:

We are delighted to join the council. Although BMG Research already abides by the rules that the BPC outlines, we felt that joining the council would be a positive move for both BMG and the wider industry. We understand that the council actively encourages member organisations to debate and scrutinise methods in order to promote best practice on behalf of the entire polling community, so joining the council seemed a natural step for us given our experience and expertise.

In light of the preliminary results of the polling inquiry, and in the run up to nation-wide elections in May we felt this was a good time to join. As full service agency, BMG is well suited to contribute to the ongoing methods debate and plans to conduct a number of polls over the coming year, and beyond. We plan to be a fully involved council member and will put forward a number of recommendations to members in due course.

BMG currently polls for a number of organisations including the Evening Standard. The agency currently completes around 100,000 face-to-face surveys a year, almost 200,000 telephone surveys with a similar number of completes online.

Dawn Hands, Managing Director at BMG has also said:

“I am really excited about BMG’s membership of the BPC.  For a number of years now we have been looking to gain traction in this field, and recent developments in the business have given us a real springboard.  This move reflects our growth in new business areas, and I am hugely confident that BMG is well placed to deliver high quality and accurate opinion polling for clients and the public.  We intend to play a significant role in building future confidence in the polling industry which has a wider impact on the credibility of market research.”

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