Omnibus Services

Delivering high-quality insights when time and price is of the essence.

People’s behaviour and attitudes are rapidly evolving, directly impacting their needs, preferences and voting intentions. Our quick turnaround Omnibus service can help you make better decisions at speed, to drive engagement and success.

Our experienced team are on hand to provide best-in class questionnaire design, data analytics support and robust data results aligned to British Polling Council standards.


Quick turnaround

Our Omnibus runs every Tuesday with results on Thursday. Questions to data tables in 3 days.

Cost effective insights

1-3 questions from £295 (+VAT). Subscription models available and discounts for repeat purchases and bulk questions.

Expert guidance

Our team will support you through the process. Working closely with you to ensure we ask the right questions to the right people and deliver the right insights in easily-accessed data tables. If required, we can also conduct the analysis and reporting of the results for you.

Omnibus features:

Nationally representative samples

1,500 UK adults aged 16+

Weighting based on socio-demographics and voting intentions

Beyond simply age, gender and region, our weights account for the latest thinking in social and political science.

Embedded demographics

A full range of demographic cross breaks are provided as standard including age, gender, region, employment status, ethnicity, household income and deprivation level (IMD).

Available boosts

Beyond simple demographics we can provide political persuasions, national and regional boosts.

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