Customer Experience

Customer centric organisations outperform their competition. We offer a range of solutions to help you truly understand your customer base, identify what matters to them and ensure your experiences meet their needs today and tomorrow:

Customer understanding and segmentation

There is no such thing as the common customer. Your customers have a range of needs, priorities and influences which determine how they feel about you, your competitors and the products, services and experiences you provide.

We help you truly understand your customers by designing and developing actionable segmentations that can be easily deployed across your organisation, so everyone from the CEO to those on the front-line can optimise what they do for your customers.

Our solutions include:

Relationship measurement

Strong customer relationships are critical to long-term business success. Positive relationships drive loyalty – making customers more likely to stay, increase the share of spend you receive, are more open to up-selling or cross-selling and are more likely to recommend you and drive your reputation.

Our customer relationship programmes help you truly understand how your customers feel about you, how that affects their behaviour and identifies the key aspects and moments that determine the relationship. And we don’t stop there. We help you develop optimised products, services and experiences AND activate them within your organisation.

Our solutions include:

Operational Experience Management (OEM)

Voice of Customer, Enterprise Feedback Management, Transactional Research, Event-driven or OEM? There are many names for the types of programme, but fundamentally they are all the same.

Our programmes enable you to drive a customer centric culture and manage individual experiences through every interaction, everyday by gathering timely customer feedback across all interactions and putting it in the hands of all your employees. With real-time action management for dissatisfied customers you can proactively intervene so all customers come away feeling positive and become your ambassadors. Done well, it also identifies the systematic and common weaknesses that afflict your customers’ experiences.

We offer OEM programmes tailored to organisations’ needs – blending tactical experience management with strategic insight to enable you to deliver customer experience excellence across every touchpoint.

Key features of our OEM offer:

Customer journeys

Understanding your customers’ journeys provides an outside-in perspective that underpins true customer centricity. It identifies the moments of truth and pain points – driving improved experiences and reducing the ‘cost to serve’.

We realise that customer journeys are not linear, and that trying to map them as a steady progression is fruitless. We break journeys down to discover the real moments that matter most and optimise the experience you provide at these.

Our approaches include:

Mystery customer and operational delivery monitoring

You’ve mapped the journeys, identified the touchpoints and designed optimised experiences – but is the intended experience being delivered?
We measure how well the experience delivered meets that which you intend. Using our teams of assessors, or your own customers, we measure performance across any customer channel or touchpoint.

We offer: