Campaign Effectiveness and Behaviour Change

Many organisations aim to drive customer behaviour through communications and marketing campaigns – but the most impactful are those that sustainably influence how people think and ultimately how they behave.

We offer a range of solutions focussed around campaigns and behaviour change research – identifying the levers that drive behaviour change, thereby guiding organisations to deploy effective communications.

Behavioural insight

Through harnessing Behavioural Science inspired techniques with qualitative and quantitative methods, we can help unpick and answer these questions and support you in better understanding people’s conscious and unconscious influences.

Our solutions include:

Impact evaluation

Understanding the impact that a campaign, programme, or policy has is crucial in assessing value for money, efficacy and measuring return on investment. It is also key to pinpoint why and how it has had this impact in a wider eco-system.

We use recognised, robust approaches in impact evaluation, tailored to support our clients to make effective decisions in continuing or improving delivery.

Our solutions include:

Campaign effectiveness

Understanding the response to your campaign activity is critical to ensuring its effectiveness.  You need to understand what attitudes and perceptions you are altering, how that translates into behaviour change and what you can do to deliver ‘more for less’ going forward – as well as justifying the expenditure to those looking for ROI. 

We help by identifying how effective your campaigns have been in driving attitudinal and behaviour change, thereby giving clear guidance on how to optimise your campaign material and marketing plan. 

Our solutions include: