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Your brand is absolutely critical to business success because it shapes how people perceive your organisation, defines how your customers view you relative to your competitors, and ultimately helps to drive awareness and business growth. We offer a range of solutions designed to help you understand how your brand is perceived, support you in building a winning brand proposition, and ultimately help you to unlock your brand’s story.

BMG can help you build your brand

Our research approach is informed by the latest thinking in branding and marketing science, and is designed to unlock impactful insight in your sector and your organisation. BMG’s branding philosophy incorporates a ‘System 1’ behavioural approach that appreciates that consumers do not ‘rationally’ evaluate every option before us and instead make near-instantaneous decisions. Through our understanding that brands act as mental ‘heuristics’, or shortcuts, we appreciate that brands allow consumers to cut through the noise and make quick ‘gut’ judgments about products, services, and organisations.

Our research is therefore geared towards understanding these “gut feelings”, or mental heuristics, which we know consumers will be using to make quick judgments about your products, services or your organisation more generally. Historically organisations were able to differentiate themselves by focussing on the more functional aspects of their products or services because alternatives either didn’t exist or were hard to find. However, in an age of increased competition, organisations are increasingly relying on their brand to set themselves apart. Our solutions are geared to support you in the development of a brand connected to your customers’ needs and emotional desires.

Our solutions include

Brand monitoring

To enable you to optimise your brand strategy, you need to know how you’re performing on key brand metrics such as awareness, preference, equity, advocacy and perceived quality. We build bespoke brand monitoring solutions depending on your requirements, ranging from annual or one-off evaluations, to continuous brand tracking.

Value proposition development

A brand’s value proposition is the product’s functional, emotional and self-expressive benefits delivered by your brand. Through a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, including laddering exercises in qualitative interviews and focus groups, we can build a picture of an ideal brand proposition – functional, emotional, and self-expressive – as conveyed in the words of your target audience.

Brand personality deep-dive

Brand Personality is the set of human traits/characteristics that consumers associate with your brand, and is often gleaned from brand imagery, tone of voice and communication messages. Through a range of innovative measurement and projective techniques, we can help you understand how your brand personality is being perceived and advise you on how this might be enhanced and developed.

Strapline and message testing

No matter which channel you use, it is important to get the content, tone and structure of your message aligned with your brand and to ensure communications are hitting the mark. We have developed techniques to test messages in the form of slogans, campaign literature, images and video, using both quantitative research and qualitative groups to shape and refine messages across different audiences.

Insight to action

We firmly believe that, wherever possible, we should go beyond the research debrief and support you in the development of a winning brand strategy. We frequently conduct client workshops that incorporate exercises such as ‘Message House’ and Storyboard tasks which, informed by the insight we deliver in our research, will help you begin to shape your proposition and communications strategy.

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