A recent BMG Poll has found that less than three-quarters of adults living in Britain (73%) can correctly identify Ramadan as a Muslim celebration.

Although Islam is the second biggest religion in the world – after Christianity – and the second largest religion in the UK, with 4.8% (around 2.7 million people) of Muslim faith in Britain, one in six (15%) British adults said they did not know which religion observes Ramadan, and around one in eight (12%) answered incorrectly.

Those who said that they were not religious were more than twice as likely to say than those who identify as Christian (all denominations), to say that they did not know who Ramadan was served by (20% and 9% respectively).

6% of GB adults said they believed Ramadan was a Hindu festival.

Fieldwork dates, methodology and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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