In the run up to the spring Budget this week, the latest BMG poll for the Independent reveals that voters are calling for additional NHS and social care funding to be a priority for the government.

The results of the exclusive poll for the Independent reveal that more than three quarters (77%) of the British public would rather Conservative plans to cut corporation tax from 20% to 17% were cancelled with the money saved given to the NHS. Just 23% believe that the government should go ahead with the planned cuts.

A closer look at the data reveals that a clear majority back the move among all social groups and political party supporters, including over two thirds of Conservative supporters (69% back cancelling corporation tax cuts and giving the money saved to the NHS, 31% agreed corporation tax cuts should go ahead).

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The poll also asked voters if they had to choose one, which economic policy would they like to see in this week’s Budget. Almost half of voters (48%) put the NHS as their top priority followed by more money for social care (15%). A tax cut for working families was next with 13% of voters supporting this policy. Some 13% backed a tax rise for the highest earners and smaller proportions requested more money for schools (6%) and just 3% backed action to help companies pay their business rates.

The poll also revealed that most of the British public (42%) believe the national economy will get worse over the next 12 months compared with 17% who think it will improve. Meanwhile over a third (36%) believe that their household finances will worsen over the over the coming 12 months compared with 16% who think they will improve.

Dr Michael Turner, Head of Polling at BMG Research, said “Over recent months the NHS has surged in importance, at one point overtaking Brexit as the single most important issue facing Britain. This is likely due to the intense public debate about its funding in the run-up to the first of two national Budget’s that are set to be delivered this year. With the funding crisis at the forefront of people’s minds, close to two-thirds of Britons (63%) say that they want the government to put more money into the NHS and social care.

Given that net optimism for household finances is just two points off its all-time lowest score with BMG (now -20), the notion that NHS and social care spending is seen to be vastly more important than implementing tax cuts for working families is a striking one. It’s a clear sign that the public are serious about fixing one of the nation’s most prized possessions, even at a time when many will feel they may have to start tightening their own spending in order to make ends meet.”

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