Research has found that more than 9 million people in England drink more than the recommended daily limits of alcohol and alcohol-related harm costs businesses £7.3 billion from lost work days and productivity (Alcohol Concern 2016).

BMG Research’s UK-wide survey of 1,000 employees conducted in April 2017 found that over the last 12 months more than 44 million days were lost in productivity due to alcohol. Indeed, one in five of all employees said they had at least one day off work during this time as a result of a hangover. Yet there is still a sizeable proportion of the workforce that consumes alcohol during working hours (14%).

Businesses should not ignore their role in encouraging healthy behaviours among their employees, providing an environment that recognises the strong interrelationship between stress, pressure and exhaustion as negative triggers.

Jenna Allen (Research Director)

0121 333 6006

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