Minding the Gap is a collaboration between the London Borough of Camden and Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The project aims to improve outcomes for young people aged 16-24 by improving existing support services.

As part of this project young people aged 16-24 years in Camden are being asked to take part in a survey during March and April 2015.

BMG Research have been commissioned to undertake the survey via a door to door approach in selected areas, sampled for their representativeness, as well as training and supporting a small team of local community researchers to support the survey fieldwork via interviewing their own networks. All interviewers will be wearing an ID badge.

The survey asks about many of aspects of young people’s lives, including their physical and mental health, their experiences growing up (18+ only), their drug and alcohol use (18+ only) and the support teams and services that they use. The survey will take approximately 30-45 minutes and is completely confidential.

The information gathered from the survey will help the Council better understand the needs of young people in Camden, the degree to which young people access support and services, and what could be done to improve existing services and upcoming support.

London Borough of Camden and Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have jointly commissioned the Minding the Gap Well-being Survey. If you wish to speak to someone at the Council about how the research will be used please phone ‘Contact Camden’ on 0207 974 4444 and ask about the ‘Minding the Gap Well-being Survey’. Information about this survey can also be accessed on the Council website: www.camden.gov.uk/youth

The Social Research Unit is an independent research charity and is responsible for designing the survey and analysing the anonymous survey information collected.  If you are a respondent and have any questions about the survey or your rights as a research participant, please contact a member of the ChildrenCount team at The Social Research Unit. Email: childrencount@dartington.org.uk

If you have any further questions or complaints about the how the survey was conducted please contact Gemma Baker or Sharon Gowland at BMG Research. You can email: gemma.baker@bmgresearch.co.uk or call this freephone number: 0800 358 0337 (during office hours, or voicemail out of hours). Please specify that you are calling about the Minding the Gap Survey in Camden.

To find out more information about the survey, please visit The Social Research Unit’s project page at: www.dartington.org.uk/projects/camden

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