In 2015 Mind launched its Blue Light Programme to provide mental health support for emergency services staff and volunteers from police, search and rescue, fire and ambulance services across England.

A key element of the programme is the Information Provision strand which aims to ensure there is sufficient information and support for emergency service staff and volunteers through a dedicated Blue Light Infoline and email and text services; as well as an effective referral network for those who require further support.

BMG Research was commissioned by Mind to conduct an evaluation of the Information Provision strand in order to assess: how effective the information provided has been; why people may not engage with the support; and how the support may be further developed or improved. A mixed method approach explored the views of emergency service personnel who were non-users of the Blue Light Infoline about the service.

The research revealed some key findings:

  • There is high awareness of mental health problems in the workplace but low awareness of Blue Light Infoline.
  • The main reason for not using the Blue Light Infoline was a lack of awareness of the service.
  • Most emergency services personnel were not aware of the range of wider information and support materials that Mind has to offer.

Please click on the following link to read the summary report of findings published on the Mind website:

For more information about this research please contact Research Director, Elizabeth Davies on 0121 333 6006.

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