In August 2014 Ofgem commissioned BMG Research to undertake a telephone survey amongst micro and small businesses to explore how they engage in the energy market.

The 2014 survey follows previous surveys in 2012 and 2013 which tracked the experiences of non-domestic customers and included medium and large businesses in addition to micro and small businesses. The study carried out by BMG only focuses on the experiences of micro and small businesses as these are the businesses most likely to be affected by Ofgem’s Retail Market Review. The Retail Market Review was designed to make the non-domestic market simpler and clearer for businesses. Changes introduced as a result of the review included making it compulsory for energy suppliers to include contract end dates on bills and to allow micro businesses to provide termination notice at any time.  1,502 telephone interviews were completed with businesses in November 2014.  BMG subsequently undertook 20 in-depth qualitative interviews, in order to further explore businesses’ views and experiences.

The reports from this research can be found at:

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