Fifty-five percent of organisations say they have seen an increase in reported common mental health conditions – such as anxiety and depression – over the last 12 months and that mental ill-health is the most common cause of long-term absence.

The striking statistic is revealed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development’s (CIPD) latest Health and Wellbeing survey, which it recently updated to coincide with the UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

BMG Research’s Workplace Wellbeing Survey

BMG recognises that workplace wellbeing is an extremely important issue for organisations and has a huge influence on the employee experience. As a result we measure it through our nationally representative employee panel.

The results from our most recent survey of Workplace Wellbeing show that experience of mental health issues are a significant issue with over half (57%) of employees feeling anxious or stressed at work, and an average of 4.3 days are taken off work through work-related pressures or stress.

More positively, over half (55%) of employees feel able to speak to their manager about their wellbeing and 52% say their employer is supportive of staff who experience stress. Just under half (46%) believe their organisation cares about their wellbeing.

BMG Research’s Workplace Wellbeing Index

At BMG Research we take pride in being fully abreast of the very latest thinking on the subject of employee wellbeing and mental health and apply this directly to the design and delivery of our surveys.

Besides the employee panel we have developed a Workplace Wellbeing Index (based on Robertson Cooper’s Six Essentials for Workplace Wellbeing) that can be used (and has been used by some of our clients) to help you understand wellbeing in your organisation, and also what impact lower levels of wellbeing is having on your employee engagement, your employee experience and, ultimately, your productivity.

The survey was conducted online with a nationally representative sample of 968 GB employees between 13 and 17 March 2018.






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