A recent BMG poll on behalf of Left Foot Forward reveals that 18 months since the referendum and 10 months since Article 50 was triggered, a majority of the public are still unclear on the Brexit policies of Britain’s three main political parties.

The poll, conducted between 9th and 12th January, asked a representative sample of 1513 adults “In your view, how clear or unclear do you think each of the following parties are with respect to their Brexit stance/policies?” Respondents were asked to rate the clarity for each of the three main UK political parties – Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats – on a scale ranging from “very clear” to “not clear at all”.

The poll found that, of the three parties, the public are most unclear on Labour’s Brexit position. 54% of respondents described Labour’s Brexit stance as either “not very clear” or “not clear at all”, with a further 18% answering don’t know.  Meanwhile, less than a third (28%) said their Brexit policy was “very” or “somewhat clear”.

The Conservatives, on the other hand, did not fare much better, with close to half (46%) describing their Brexit stance as unclear and 18% answering don’t know. Just over a third (36%) said that the Conservatives stance was either somewhat or very clear on Brexit.

However, a closer look at the data does reveal that Conservative supporters appear to be clearer on their party’s Brexit stance, with considerably more Labour voters unsure about their own party’s position. Less than half (48%) of those who reported backing Labour in the 2017 General Election are clear about Labour’s Brexit policies, which compares to 63% of Conservative voters who feel the Tories’ policies are unambiguous – a 15 percentage point gap on clarity.

Meanwhile, only a quarter of the British public (26%) feel that the Liberal Democrats’ position on Brexit is clear. Given that the Liberal Democrats have outlined the most “pro-remain” position of all the major parties, this is perhaps a little surprising and suggests the Lib Dems have had little cut-through with their policy to hold a second referendum on EU membership.

The original article that reported on these results by Left Foot Forward can be found here

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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