With recent media reports suggesting some Cabinet ministers wants to scrap the European Working Time Directive once we leave the EU, a recent BMG poll conducted on behalf of Left Foot Forward reveals that the majority of the public believe that current EU regulations protecting workers’ rights should be enshrined in British law.

The poll, conducted between 5th and 8th December, asked a representative sample of 1509 adults “Leaving the European Union will allow the UK to diverge from EU rules. With this is mind, should current EU regulations protecting workers’ rights be enshrined in British Law?

The poll found that 55% of respondents believe the government should enshrine current EU regulations protecting workers rights in British law, with one in five (20%) opposed. Around a quarter of Brits (26%) were unsure.

After removing those who are unsure, we find more than two thirds (74%) say the government should incorporate these rights into British law, with 26% against.

Interestingly, over half (53%) of those who reported voting Conservative in this years’ General election think that these rights should be enshrined in British law, with less than a third opposed (30%). Unsurprisingly, support rises further among Labour voters, with some 69% in support of incorporating EU worker protections into British law.

Whilst respondents who reported voting Remain in 2016 were much more likely to support enshrining EU employment regulations into British law (75%), close to half of Leave voters (47%) were still in favour.

The poll also asked respondents about whether a number of other categories of regulation should be strengthened, maintained or weakened. Over half of the public (54%) believe consumer regulations should be maintained, with 28% saying they should be strengthened. Just 4% say they should be weakened. Similarly, when asked about EU food and drink regulations, 54% said they should be maintained, 26% said they should be strengthened, with just 6% saying they should be weakened.

The original article that reported on these results by Left Foot Forward can be found here.

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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