Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results for BMG’s latest polling for the Independent on Labour’s policy direction and preferences for the next Labour leader can be found here.

An article based on these polling results, released by the Independent, can be found here.

Commenting on the poll, Robert Struthers, head of polling at BMG, said:

“From the areas listed, the NHS and climate change are areas where more voters feel Jeremy Corbyn’s positions are in the right place. For instance, in the case of the NHS, close to half of the public think the next Labour leader should pursue a similar agenda, including three-quarters of those who backed Labour at the ballot box earlier this month.

More concerning are areas such as defence, taxation and nationalisation, where many more think the next Labour leader should change direction. Indeed, in terms of defence and security – an area where Mr Corbyn often clashed with his critics on the right of the Labour party – it is particularly telling that more of even those who still backed Labour just two weeks ago think the next Labour leader should change course than believe they should stick with Corbyn’s platform.

As someone who has regularly polled Labour policies over the last three years, I know that when polled individually, it is often the case that these specific policy positions are popular. So, it is likely that – to some degree at least – these numbers are also a reflection on Corbyn’s low approval ratings, rather than necessarily the policies themselves. However, it is also possible that specific policies when being polled on an individual basis can be popular, but when taken together as part of a broader platform, voters take a different view or have a different impression as to their suitability.”

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