A recent BMG poll on behalf of the Independent shows a plurality of voters believe the UK Government should allow a second Scottish Independence Referendum in the event it is proposed by the Scottish Government.

Under the Scotland Act, the Scottish Parliament is not permitted to pass legislation relating to matters which are “reserved” to Westminster, which includes “the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England”. This is widely interpreted to mean that any referendum relating to Scottish independence would require Westminster approval.

Conducted between 3rd and 6th September, the poll shows that 45% believe the UK Government should not stand in the way of Scotland holding a second Independence Referendum. The remaining 30% believe the UK Government should prevent a new Scottish independence referendum from being held, with a quarter (25%) unsure.

Respondents were also asked whether or not the UK Government should permit a Border Poll in Northern Ireland. The results show that an even greater majority of voters (52%) are in favour of the UK Government allowing a referendum in Northern Ireland on whether they should stay in the United Kingdom or join the Republic of Ireland after the UK leaves the EU. Just 19% were against and a further 29% were unsure.

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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