Improving Children’s Outcomes is an important research project which involves parents and guardians of children under the age of nine taking part in a survey about child well-being. The survey helps inform decision makers about what can be done to help young children grow up to be healthy and happy.

BMG have been commissioned to conduct the fieldwork for this project on behalf of Angus Community Planning Partnership, Dundee City Council and North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership. The Social Research Unit are responsible for the subsequent analysis of the anonymous survey information provided.

Topics covered in the survey include family circumstances, health, and child social and emotional development (tailored to the age of the child). The aim of the asking these questions is to improve the lives of children by supporting councils and communities to make well-informed decisions around the provision of services using best evidence on local needs, including any aspects where families need most support. The survey allows us to obtain quality information about the wellbeing of babies, children and families, and participation will help community leaders make better decisions around services in the three areas.

Between August and October 2014, BMG will undertake 1,800 face to face interviews with parents and carers, 600 in each of the local authority areas.

Interviews will be undertaken via a computer assisted approach (CAPI). Professional BMG interviewers will lead respondents through the guidance and computer script, allowing parents to complete specific discrete sections, themselves. Interviews will take between 30 and 45 minutes and parents participating are entered into a prize draw with one chance of winning £100 and two chances of winning £50 in each local authority area.

BMG is very grateful for the parents and carers who take the time to provide information that will help shape services and outcomes for babies and children in the future. All data provided is treated in confidence, in accordance with the Data Protection Act and Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

For more information on BMG’s work with children and families please contact Associate Director Ceri Matthias or Research Manager Gemma Baker on 0121 333 6006 or email

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