BMG’s latest poll reveals few would oppose the appointment of an independent Commissioner for Social Housing Residents.

The draft London Housing strategy, released earlier this month, contains proposals to the Prime Minster to appoint a Commissioner for Social Housing Residents independent of Government with a remit to act as a watchdog. Outlined in his press release here, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is concerned the regulator – a statutory body with oversight of standards in social housing – fails to give sufficient attention to issues such as tenant involvement and believes a Commissioner will ensure the voices of social housing residents are heard at national level when policy is developed.

Conducted between the 12th and 15th September, the poll finds that almost half of the public (48%) would support the proposal to appoint an independent Commissioner for Social Housing Residents, whilst one in ten (11%) would oppose this. Support for the proposal increases to 54% amongst Social Housing Residents, indeed almost one in four strongly support the proposal. Readers can interrogate the data themselves by toggling with the menu below.

Jack Harper, Research Manager at BMG Research, comments “Our poll doesn’t show overwhelming support for the proposal within the draft London Housing Strategy to appoint a Commissioner for Social Housing Residents, which has been designed to ensure that tenants’, leaseholders’ and freeholders’ views are heard and acted upon at a national level. However, I think interestingly, few oppose the idea, which could suggest the sizeable minority currently unsure could merely be due to a lack of understanding rather than a lack of support.

“It is also refreshing to see that the draft London Housing Strategy outlines the need for residents’ voices to be prominently placed when decisions are made by councils and housing associations, which is something we’ve echoed for years.”

Methodology, fieldwork dates, and a full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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