BMG Research was re-commissioned in February 2014 to manage the House of Lord’s biennial All Staff Survey, having also managed the survey in 2012.

The overarching objective is to provide the necessary evidence base and outcome measures to feed into the Business Planning process, both across the Administration but also within Office action plans. BMG was brought on board to re-develop the survey in 2012, to provide greater focus on outcomes and tangible actions, and to empower senior staff to drive change and improvement in their Offices. The survey is carrying through to 2014 to explore how staff views compare to 2012 and which areas of the business require further focus.

The survey is delivered via a mixed method approach, with 500 staff receiving an online survey sent directly to their work email account and the remainder receiving a paper version. Particular focus in 2014 will be placed on engaging with Heads of Office and senior managers within these offices to drive forwards change in their respective workplaces through the development of localised action plans that feed into the Administration’s broader corporate plan.

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