BMG is pleased to have been commissioned by Homes for Haringey to undertake their first employee opinion survey for some time.

A census of all Homes for Haringey employees is to be undertaken to get to the bottom of what staff really think about working for the organisation.

Because Homes for Haringey has a wide variety of staff split by directorates, teams and sections, a focus of reporting will be looking at results within and across these groups.

Results for each directorates, section and team will not only be benchmarked against total figures, but also against BMG’s extensive benchmarking database of public sector organisations. This will allow for a richer interpretation of results, which is especially valuable for the first wave of a bespoke questionnaire.

This technique illustrates not only how different units perform within Homes for Haringey, but how Homes for Haringey as a whole performs against other public sector organisations.

Areas of particularly high and low performance will be identified so that successes can be celebrated and maintained, while weaknesses will be prioritised going forward, to make Homes for Haringey an even better place to work.

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