The latest BMG poll for the Herald reveals that one-third of Scots believe the BBC’s news reporting is biased against Scottish independence.

A representative sample of 1,067 Scots aged 16+ were asked “to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? – “The BBC tends to report news that is biased against the cause for Scottish independence”.

Overall, some 36% agreed with the statement, compared with just 23% who disagreed (41% said they neither agreed, nor disagreed).

Robert Struthers, Senior Researcher at BMG Research, said:

“BMG’s latest poll for the Herald paints a striking picture in Scotland, one where over a third of Scots report that they feel the BBC is biased in it’s reporting, against the cause for independence.

The results show a clear Yes/No voter divide, with almost two thirds (64%) of those who voted for independence in 2014 agreeing that the BBC is biased in it’s reporting, compared with just 7% who disagreed.

The polling also shows that it is younger people, those aged 18-44, who are most likely to feel the BBC is biased against independence, with 39% agreeing that the BBC is biased, and just 18% disagreeing. This contrasts with those aged 65 and over, who on balance disagree that the BBC is biased, with 30% disagreeing, and just 27% agreeing.

The polling gives an indication that the BBC, one of Britain’s most popular and trusted media organisations, may be facing both a political and a generational divide in Scotland. In the eyes of younger and pro-independence Scots the BBC’s reputation for unbiased and objective reporting may be called into question.

With the prospect of another independence referendum still looming, the debates surrounding the BBC’s impartiality, is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.”

An article based on these polling results, released by the Herald, can be found here.

Fieldwork dates and methodology can be found here.

A full breakdown of these results can be found here.

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