Cheshire East Council, working in partnership with Peaks & Plains, Age UK Cheshire East, and Everybody Sport and Recreation (as well as the other providers delivering One You Cheshire East services), has recently launched One You Cheshire East.

One You Cheshire East provides a series of services designed to improve public health, through helping residents take more exercise, stop smoking, drink less alcohol, improve their diet, and, for older residents, prevent falls. BMG Research has just completed a large scale randomly selected postal survey of Cheshire East residents to:

  • Understand how likely residents are to take up individual One You Cheshire East services;
  • Understand any barriers residents face in taking up One You Cheshire East services, including how far they are willing / able to travel;
  • Explore which health-related messages residents would find most compelling, and which media (local press, online, etc) would be the best means to communicate information about One You Cheshire East;
  • Understand which sources residents use currently to find out more about how to make their lifestyles healthier;

Feedback on these topics were reported in the context of residents’ current behaviours in terms of exercise, diet, etc, as well as spatial information such as LAP (Local Area Partnership), deprivation levels and demographic information.

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