Over half of the UK’s social housing tenants think they live in a property that doesn’t meet Decent Homes standards, research suggests.

While guidelines require residences to achieve a reasonable level of warmth, a survey of tenants found 48% felt their homes lacked sufficient wall insulation and a third believed their properties had little or no loft insulation.

Almost three quarters of those surveyed thought their home could become more energy efficient with improvements including high performance insulation, new double-glazing or a more economical boiler – FT Finley found.

Many tenants also suggested their properties failed to meet other elements of the guidelines, with a third of respondents believing their kitchens were over 20 years old and their bathrooms older than 30 year old.

In addition, 55% of tenants said their property’s external noise insulation was below expectation.

Senior executive director of FT Finley, Jay Finley, said: ‘While homes may have kitchens and bathrooms which tick the box in terms of Decent Homes standards, this does not seem to meet tenants’ current aspirations or expectations.’

‘Some landlords are already going above and beyond – setting their own “enhanced” standards, which through a structured investment programme, supplemented by regular maintenance and repairs, sees their properties exceeding the Government’s standards and tenant expectations.’

‘Communicating awareness of the standards, and how they are being exceeded, can go a long way towards increasing customer satisfaction.’

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