An exclusive BMG poll commissioned by Generation Rent shows that 27% of current and former private renters have experienced a forced move by a landlord who wanted to increase the rent, to sell the property, to refurbish or change the use of a property.

The poll also found that 39% of private renters are unaware of a landlord’s right to evict tenants without giving a reason.

The most common reason private renters said they have had to move is because of the landlord wanting to sell the property (14%). As you might expect, moving due to  landlords selling up was highest in London, with more than a fifth (21%) of Londoners indicating so (note – small base size for London). followed by the landlord raising the rent so high that the tenant couldn’t afford it (7%). Just 3% said that they had to move and their landlord gave no reason.

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Dan Wilson Craw from Generation Rent said “Most landlords want a reliable tenant who will stay put for many years, so they aren’t going to risk losing them by bumping up the rent, and they want their property to be a long term investment, not just something to sell when the price is right. But there are enough unscrupulous or unreliable landlords out there who will force out a blameless tenant that there is a one in four chance that it will happen to you.”

Steve Handley, Research Director (Housing, Communities & Local Government) at BMG Research, said “These findings quantify the level of insecurity among those renting privately. Alongside the government’s recent move to force councils to impose a five-year limit on new tenancies, it appears that  long term security is becoming increasing illusive. Having to move home is stressful at the best of times, but there are potential wider consequences here for communities and the ability of individuals and families to plan for the future.”

The results also found that 63% of Britons agree, either strongly or slightly, that private tenants who abide by the terms of their tenancy agreement should have an automatic right to remain in their home (this increases to 78% amongst current private renters). 75% believe landlords should not be able to raise rent by more than the rate of inflation (84% amongst current private renters) and 66% think private tenants who are evicted through no fault of their own should be compensated for the cost of moving home.

A press release, based on these polling results, released by Generation Rent can be found here.

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Data tables containing a breakdown of the results can be found here.

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