As the International Day of Families approaches, the latest BMG polling finds nine in ten of us believe family is more important than friends.

The International Day of Families, coordinated by the United Nations Programme on the Family, is celebrated annually on 15 May, raising awareness of the importance of having happy relationships with your relatives.

In our latest polling, BMG asked a nationally representative sample of 1,500 UK adults about family life.

When asked who is most important, friends or family? An overwhelming majority, more than nine in ten, said they thought family was more important than friends (91%). The results also suggest that as we get older family becomes even more important. Around four in five 18-24 year olds (81%) say family is most important compared with 94% of those aged 65+.

Women are also more likely to place family as most important compared with men (94% vs. 87%).

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The results from the BMG poll also revealed that around three quarters of Britons said that they are satisfied with their family life (74%), whilst just 17% are dissatisfied (10% are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied). Those aged 65+ are most satisfied with their family life (83%) compared with just two thirds of 18 to 24 year olds (66%).

However, when asked whether they manage to achieve a good balance between their work and family life, just six in ten UK adults said that they do (60% agree), whilst over one fifth don’t (22% disagree) and a similar proportion neither agreed nor disagreed (19%, 1% don’t know).

The results suggest that those living in the south of the country are most likely to achieve a good balance between their work life and family life, with 64% agreeing in South West and 62% in the South East. However, just 51% of those living in the East of England felt the same.

Data tables containing a full breakdown of the results can be found here soon.

Read more about the International Day of Families here.

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