BMG Research was recently approached by a London based Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to analyse and interpret the results of a public consultation on NHS spending choices.

In the context where this CCG needs to deliver savings of £55 million, this consultation set out a range of proposals to the public including reducing the provision of cosmetic procedures, stopping prescriptions for easily available products such as gluten free foods and soya based baby formula, and limiting the number of rounds of IVF for those with fertility issues.

BMG Research was commissioned to collate and interpret all strands of the consultation activity run by the CCG, including results from an online survey, paper questionnaires, letters and petitions. An analysis report containing both quantitative insight and qualitative analysis was provided within 10 working days, providing clear messages on the balance of opinion for the proposed changes, plus how views vary between the public, clinicians, and groups with a vested interest in the changes being considered.

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